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Are you a minority-owned business? We want you!

We empower minority-owned entrepreneurs to fulfill their passion, by bringing unique products into this world. We bring together minority-owned businesses and cultural products from all over the US. Consumers are actively support small businesses over large retailers, and Accént is here to support them.


We are committed to providing you, the seller, an outstanding selling experience, at an affordable rate full transparency.


We connect you to our network of customers that you’ve never seen before, but are passionate about supporting minority businesses like yours!


Our platform is designed with minority founders in mind to access cultural goods - unlike any other marketplace.
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Accént is free for all vendors to list products.
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How it Works

We get it! It's hard to to send a gift. But, our team is ready to brainstorm with you the perfect gifts for your recipients and large campaigns! Whether its 1 gifts or 10,000, our team can do it all. We will take on the headache of planning so you can bring your vision to life!

First, we schedule a call with our gift expert to make sure we get all of your needs. Budget, timeline, how many gifts, occasion, and any other important information we’ll need!

Next, we’ll provide you with a curated list of gifts to choose from so you’re head isn’t spinning with 1000 options. You’ll even get to customize your packaging (the note, the crinkle paper, the box itself, etc.)

Last, you’ll receive a notification once the recipient has received their gift. Don’t forget to reach out and connect with them. More than likely they’ll be digging for your contact information to send you a thank you!


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