Gifting as a CX superpower

March 24, 2023

Today’s customers universally demand a customer experience (CX) that is authentic, inclusive and unscripted. A high bar.

Tap into the universal power of gifting to flex your CX superpower, delight clients, increase revenue and drive brand recognition.

Inflation, layoffs, political turmoil, and recovering from the pandemic...heavy topics that don't lend themselves to spare time for selecting gifts. However, people, clients, and companies remain interested in spending on a feeling or an experience. Corporations want new employees to feel welcomed by onboarding gift boxes; lawyers want their general counsel clients to feel appreciated with a congratulatory gift, and financial institutions want their summer associates to feel included and celebrated.

So…how can you use gifting to spark Proustian memories and elicit a specific feeling for your clients?

Know your client. Really know your client. Their passions, their pain points, their hopes and dreams. Tap into that knowledge when gifting. If your client is highly dependent on technology, but constantly out of power for their laptop, mobile, etc. Gift them a powerful charger. Part of stage's work is collaborating with lawyers to understand their audience and their clients. This approach has immediate applicability to gifting.

Timing. Try for “happy day” or seemingly random gifts to cut through the noise around traditional holidays – [unless your client lives for traditional holidays]. Is your client going on a journey that entails a long flight? Gift a weekender bag, filled with luxe cream, travel size perfume sampler and special magazine or 2 for the flight.

Inclusivity. Tap into Accent’s beautiful mission to celebrate people’s identities through representative gifts that speak to your clients and employees. Browse their products and case studies. It was super tough for us to pick a favorite, but we will bring it back to client experience and connection. When we saw the retrospekt film camera, we envisioned creating an immersive event where guests can collaborate taking photos and making memories – creating another trustpoint for engagement while building community.

Don’t suck. Gift Better.

Kathleen Hilton + Megan Senese: co-founders + principals of stage, a women-owned business development; marketing company focused on relationships, revenue, and growth for law firms, lawyers and professional services.

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Megan and Kathleen
Megan and Kathleen
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