Common Holiday Gifting Mistakes to Avoid

November 2, 2022

It’s November and Mariah Carey has fully defrosted! Now that’s officially “All I Want for Christmas” season, let’s talk holiday gifting! Gifting during this holiday season is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your company. A little gift goes a long way. However, if you’re giving a gift, here are some common holiday gifting mistakes to avoid:

1. Gifting Generic 

Gift cards, bottles of wine, mugs, pens, the list goes on! Don’t send  generic holiday gifts that could be sent by just anyone. Sending generic gifts screams, “I didn’t spend any time on a gift,” and who wants that? Be more thoughtful with the items that you select to make your employees feel appreciated and cared for. 

2. Gifting Food 

Religious restrictions. Dietary restrictions. Lifestyle habits. Allergies. Preferences. Everyone has some sort of requirements out of food and beverage. Keeping track of everyone's preferences can be a real headache and it is best to avoid gifting food and beverages all together this holiday season. 

3. Gifting Last Minute

As tempting as it might be, don't procrastinate! Don’t gift last minute! The supply chain is strained from a combination of COVID, economic factors, war, and natural disasters. Shipping timelines as a result are still delayed, which can affect your holiday gift. Make sure to plan ahead this holiday season to ensure your gifts arrive on time. 

Written by: 
Omama Qureshi
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