Best Conferences for Female Founders

November 7, 2022

My female co-founders and I have attended a few different networking conferences. To our surprise, many conferences and networking events charge a significant amount of money. These big price tags are especially a hurdle for female founders like us who are completely bootstrapped.

However, the best loophole we've found are scholarships! Many major conferences and events offer some sort of scholarship and discount, especially if you're a female founder or diverse founders. It's just about finding the right ones and the right connections.

Here’s a quick recap of the different conferences that have welcomed female founders and entrepreneurs.

SaaStr - offered free tickets through a diversity and inclusion program that focused on minority-owned startups as well as female founders and entrepreneurs

Startup World Cup - we networked with one of the team members at Pegasus Ventures, who offered free tickets to us as we are female founders of a female-founded startup

DreamForce - though we weren’t able to attend this specific event, Dreamforce hosts a Female Founders session. Many 3rd parties will give out scholarships to female founders and entrepreneurs, or minority-owned startups

Lesbians Who Tech Summit - LWT has a scholarship to apply for a heavily discounted ticket. Most female founders and female entrepreneurs who apply receive a 90% discount,  making the entire experience only $100

Tech Crunch - 3rd parties have their fair share of free tickets to give away. Stay on the lookout for female founders who are speaking at TechCrunch, and network. They might be able to give female entrepreneurs an Expo Only pass

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Written by: 
Afra Nehal
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