5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September 22, 2022

August slipped away in a moment of time and now fall is in full swing. With the return of the iconic PSL, also comes Hispanic Heritage Month running from September 15th through October 15th. As we interact within our modern workforce, we believe that all companies should be celebrating their employees’ backgrounds. Here’s everything you need to know about Hispanic Heritage Month and some ideas on how to recognize the moment at work. 

About HHM: 

Hispanic Heritage Month starts September 15 through October 15th and coincides with the Independence Day celebrations for many Latin American nations, such as Costa Rica on 9/15 and Mexico on 9/16. President LBJ first observed Hispanic Heritage Week, which was then expanded to a full 30 days by President Reagan in 1988. This time is all about celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic Americans with this year’s theme of “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation.”

Let’s do our part to honor such cultures and traditions with the following activations: 

1. Host a Loteria Game Night: Return to office also means a return to mingling. Liven up your lunch time breaks by ordering in some authentic Hispanic food sourced by a local business in your area and playing a cultural twist on Bingo! You can even spice it by going all out with decor to seal the deal. There’s nothing like a competitive spirit that brings coworkers together. 

2. Host a Cooking Class: Whether it’s virtual or in-person, invite a local Hispanic chef to lead a session on how to make the perfect Hispanic recipe that your team will enjoy. Enchiladas, empanadas, tacos, the list is endless! 

3. Hispanic Heritage Menu: Does your office have a coffee bar? Or maybe routinely caters lunch? Offer an exclusive HHM menu with drinks and food inspired by traditional Hispanic offerings! Imagine grabbing a horchata and authentic fajitas in the office cafeteria. A good meal is always the way to a person’s heart! 

4. Bring in a Speaker: Heritage months are always a good time for education. Your employees can better appreciate the activations listed above if they also have a better understanding of the lived experiences of the Hispanic community. The guest speaker can touch on a multitude of topics best fit for your specific company. 

5. Trivia Night: Test your Hispanic Heritage knowledge with a friendly trivia game. Internal teams pitted against one another with a sweetened deal of an agreed upon winning prize - the perfect recipe to end the month on a high note!

Written by: 
Omama Qureshi
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