Let's face it! Large scale gifting across an entire company can be a real pain. It's a headache trying to remember preferences and moments to celebrate. We see you and we hear you! Accent's innovative dashboards help analyze your company data before providing key metrics to help you make more informed and streamlined gifting decisions. Here's how it works:


Once you log in to your dashboard, upload a CSV file on any relevant employee data (DOBs, ethnicity, allergies, gifting preferences, mailing addresses, etc.)


Don't have the data you need on hand or missing some key points? We'll work with you to send specialized surveys and gather relevant self-reported data.


Once the data is uploaded, our AI tool groups employees based on what upcoming holiday they might celebrate. We've also built in auto sending so you can streamline.


Once you have an idea on what holidays/moments to focus on and which employees to target, you can then
get started on building your gifting campaign. Here's our step-by-step process from idea to final gift delivery.

Step 1: sourcing

After aligning on your gifting needs, our team of gifting experts will then tap into our network of preferred vendors to find tailored gift recommendations. We customize our proposals based on what your employees would resonate with, what's trending, and what moment you're looking to celebrate.

Step 2: production

After getting the green light from you and your team, it's all hands on deck for Accent. We design your ideal gifting experience and package all of your needed gifts. We will also ensure that all of your gifts are shipped off to the agreed upon locations. Shipping timelines will vary based on final destination.

Step 3: Analytics

After the gifting campaign has concluded, all our premium Accent clients will be able to access their custom dashboards through unique logins. With the dashboard, you'll be able to track sends and monitor key gifting analytics like return on investments and overall gifting sentiments for your recipient to evaluate success.

How it Works

We get it! It's hard to to send a gift. But, our team is ready to brainstorm with you the perfect gifts for your recipients and large campaigns! Whether its 1 gifts or 10,000, our team can do it all. We will take on the headache of planning so you can bring your vision to life!

First, we schedule a call with our gift expert to make sure we get all of your needs. Budget, timeline, how many gifts, occasion, and any other important information we’ll need!

Next, we’ll provide you with a curated list of gifts to choose from so you’re head isn’t spinning with 1000 options. You’ll even get to customize your packaging (the note, the crinkle paper, the box itself, etc.)

Last, you’ll receive a notification once the recipient has received their gift. Don’t forget to reach out and connect with them. More than likely they’ll be digging for your contact information to send you a thank you!