So you want to send a corporate gift? But what's the best gift to send? What gifts do your employees want?
We've put together a list of best practices for your next gifting campaign. Let Accent do all the heavy lifting for you!

Send affordable gifts

A meaningful gift does not need to break the bank! 66% of employees say that a gift between $50-100 is appropriate and they are not expecting their companies to gift extravagant pieces to prove their appreciation.

Send meaningful gifts

Employees want to feel appreciated and seen when receiving a gift. 31% of employees said that a cheap and useless gift made them feel unappreciated. Gift with meaning and purpose rather than gifting generic.

Send holiday gifts

The holiday season is one of the most important gifting seasons of the year and when employees expect gifts the most. 65% of employees believe everyone should receive a holiday gift aside from holiday bonuses.

Support small and BIPOC

The best gifts to send are those with thought and meaning. 66% of employees want gifts that support local small businesses and 58% of employees would like gifts from minority-owned businesses.

We Got Swag

It's time to stop sending random swag items to your teams. It collects dust, gets thrown away, and has no real impact on your recipient.

Shop Accént instead, your one stop shop for all of your swag needs. We brainstorm, source, create, design, ship, and store all of the swag you need to schmooze your clients, employees, and partners.

No more ugly branded mugs, or cheap water bottles to give out to prospects, that end up in the dumpster. Fun fact: Over 41% of swag gets thrown away.

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Let's Get to Gifting