Customer Stories


Client needs: PMG wanted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a virtual Empanada cooking class, along with gifts. We partnered with PMG to pair culinary items with their virtual class. We had a Mexican embroidered apron, jarrito candle (with a horchata scent!) that turns into a mug after the candle is done, a beautiful aguayo table runner made by women in Bolivia & Peru, an award winning Spanish olive oil (De la hasa Sabina), and Ecuadorian dark chocolates with a white floral note.


In order to shed positive light on Asian Americans, PMG wanted to showcase the beauty of the Lunar New Year Celebration & parts of Asia that celebrate! We partnered with them to feature traditional Lunar New Year gifts with a twist! The Lucky Money envelope was a must, traditional in Asian cultures to gift money in. Instead of money, we gifted chocolate coins with the PMG logo. We included Oolong and Jasmine teas, a popular way of bonding together in Asia. Everyone loves asian food, but does everyone know about the differences in utensils per cuisine? We featured a traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean chopstick - while explaining thee differences in these utensils. Last but not least, lychee is a popular fruit and scent in Asia - we added in a full size lychee candle to the gift!

Customer Stories

PMG's Lunar New Year Box

PMG wanted to celebrate Lunar New Year, a holiday celebrated by many Asians around the world. Accent designed a custom gift with Asian-American creators to feature contemporary products that celebrated the occasion.

In the box: a Lucky Money envelope, chocolate coins, Oolong and Jasmine teas, traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean chopstick, a Lychee candle, and Udon Noodles.

Capgemini's Employee Appreciation Swag Gift Set

Capgemini wanted to celebrate their global Digital Team with us to make them feel appreciated, seen, and heard during the winter holidays. We teamed up with them to get cool swag products personalized to their brand.

In the box: Jabra Speak 510, Beats AirPods, a JBL Clip Speaker, as well as a Yeti Mug, a reusable Canvas tote bag company, and Custom Embroidered Fleece Plush blanket with Capgemini’s logo.

Google's Eid Gift Box

Google’s Muslims in Marketing team came to us to celebrate Eid, a holiday celebrated by 2B people in the world. Accent worked with global Muslim vendors to create a box to celebrate the end of the 30-day fast (known as Ramadan) with the team.

In the box: Secrets of Divine Love Book, an Arabic-themed Bookmark, 3D printed Minaret Lights, an Islamic Prayer rug, and a Habibi Oud Perfume Set