PMG Celebrates The Year of the Tiger

January 9, 2023

The Ask

PMG first started up its various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in the height of 2020, along with many other companies. Now that it had been almost two years of these groups’ inception, PMG was facing declining engagement and consistent participation. The BIPOC ERG specifically wanted an exciting way to reinvigorate the commitment to diversity while celebrating employees.

With Lunar New Years coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to lean into inclusive gift giving, especially since PMG has a long track record of surprise gifts popping up on all employees’ doorsteps. We partnered with the BIPOC ERG leaders as well as PMG’s internal Marketing Team to brainstorm the perfect grouping of gifts as well as box design.

The Solution

As a returning client, PMG was familiar with our process and this made for smooth sailing. We quickly aligned on a few main points. First was to preserve the integrity of the holiday. This gift was meant to use the Year of the Tiger as the main driving theme and feature bits of the traditions. The second was to ensure we represented the wide range of nations that celebrate LNY. Mainstream society often only associates this specific holiday with China when, in reality, there are so many other groups of people who also observe. The last was to have some element of sustainability within the gift.

Our team set to work to make all of this possible! With the idea of leaning into traditions, we opted to use a red and gold color scheme for the outside design of the box. We also create a scene of two tigers surrounded by classic lanterns, blossoms, and fireworks with a banner reiterating “Feb 2022” as an ode to LNY celebrations. To be consistent, we kept this same design for the greeting card included along with a personal message from the BIPOC ERG to the entire company. Our last more traditional aspect was including a classic red envelope sourced from a local vendor in SF’s Chinatown. It is tradition in East Asian countries to gift one another money inside a lucky red envelope. For the purposes of our box, we added in chocolate gold coins embossed with the PMG logo for a personal touch!

For the gift products included inside the gift box, we ensured we were representing a wider range of cultures outside of only China as well as supported small Asian-Owned businesses.

The final component of this overall gift was an element of sustainability. In order to limit the number of individual pamphlets, we combined our “What’s in the Box” list with an infographic of different teas and chopstick styles in Japan, Korea, and China. These twin posters could be hung up on a recipient’s fridge or framed as a standalone piece of art rather than being thrown away with the outer packaging. Our goal was to highlight the clear differences between the chopsticks and teas included in the gifts in a beautiful, digestible manner while still informing the user about the contents of the box. This one element also helped tie in the want to expand Lunar New Years beyond China.

Working on this project allowed our Accént team to explore creative options and take liberties on the unboxing experience while still aligning with PMG’s BIPOC ERG’s direction. We’re grateful to work with flexible partners looking to ultimately educate and celebrate different cultures in the workplace for the sake of bringing one another together.

Thank you again PMG and we’re looking forward to the new lunar year! Happy Year of the Rabbit!

The Final Product

Accent's full word mark in white with the logo