Google Embraces Eid

February 17, 2023

The Ask:

In 2022, we partnered with Google's Muslims in Marketing Employee Resource Group (ERG). The group was looking for a special way to celebrate Eid with its members and our team was perfect for the job! The ask was relatively simple and brief: create a gift box with products sourced from Muslim-owned small businesses and include some touches of personalized branding for the group. The gift box had to be delivered to each member's home, so shipping and logistics were also an important consideration.

The Solution:

We quickly got to work tapping into our network of preferred vendors to source high-quality and relevant products. We also felt uniquely qualified for this project as our team consists of Muslim women, giving us the background insight for choosing the right items, as well a history in selling curated Ramadan and Eid gift boxes previously, which were a sold-out hit!

We were very prepared and excited to work with this ERG! For the gifts, we included a travel prayer rug set, which was compact and lightweight, a set of gold Eid string lights to spruce up any space, a set of silver 16” foil balloons that spelled out “Eid Mubarak” to add a festive touch, the “Secrets of Divine Love” book, and a bookmark featuring Islamic geometric patterns. Together, this curation of items created the perfect prep box in anticipation of the holiday.

Inside the box, we added a designed greeting card with a handwritten Eid Mubarak Note and a postcard. The postcard included a personalized message from the Muslims in Marketing ERG to its members and also a description of what was included in the box. When designing this postcard, we made sure to add some recognizable touchpoints to tie in the overall Google brand, such as including the search bar design at the top and filling it with “Ramadan Mubarak,” adding in the logo, and the brand colors. We also created a custom sticker placed on the outside of the box and custom shipping tape featuring a newly designed logo for the ERG with Google branding. Shout out to our design team for pulling through!

Thank you to Google for believing in our services and trusting us to make an amazing Eid gift. This was such a fun initiative and we were so proud to help these members celebrate Eid, especially since it’s so near and dear to our hearts. This is the power of inclusive gift giving in action!

The Final Product:

Accent's full word mark in white with the logo