Duolingo Masters Social Media Trends

December 7, 2022

The Ask

Duolingo’s social media team has taken the world by storm with Zaria Parvez’s new leadership. They have branded themselves as a snarky, in-the-know brand through the power of TikTok. Duolingo’s Owl is famous for participating in all of the latest social trends and has truly made its mark by making other brands rethink their strategies.

After much success this past year, Duolingo started working on its inaugural Creator Day. The brand wished to invite influencers from different backgrounds who specialize in this type of corporate niche to come to the Pittsburgh offices. The creators were to enjoy each other’s company, explore Duolingo’s space, and create content in a fun and safe environment.

And what better way to make these influencers at home than to greet them with a custom welcome package! The Duolingo team asked Accént to curate and customize the best collection of gifts perfect for this day.

The Solution

Our team got straight to work to think through the best unboxing experience as well as the most functional gifts for the occasion. We worked directly with Zaria to better understand the nature of the event, the influencers’ backgrounds, and what would be most appreciated. We also challenged ourselves to think outside of the box, and that we did.

We forwent our standard box and instead moved forward with the beautiful Beis Weekender Bag. This duffel not only served as a vessel to store the rest of the gift items, but it was also the ultimate gift as well. This bag has been RAVED about all over social media as being the best travel companion and we wanted nothing but the best for this project. We also threw in a personal touch of embroidering the influencers’ social media handles right on top of the bag too.

For the remaining gifts that we packed inside, we really thought through the roles of these creators. They’re digital icons who share their lives with the world. What better gift for an influencer than items that will make that job even easier? With that in mind, we included the Retrospekt 3D Film Camera, Kodak Film, and PivoPod Lite Tripod. This trio of goodies is the perfect pairing of new and old with a tripod for their current devices and the means to really lean into the vintage nostalgia.

Finally, our last two gifts were all about the cozy element to promote a positive sense of welcome. We offered a custom 90’s collegiate sweatshirt adorned with the classic Duolingo Owl silhouette. This piece also continued the vintage trend to tie into the tech gifts. We also included an 8 oz. soy candle called “Good Neighbor” from RW Candles. This candle is reminiscent of Mr. Rogers to pay homage to Pittsburgh. When lighting it, you’ll first experience bergamot that opens up to oakmoss with notes of cedar, amber, and vanilla. Again, this piece wraps up another element of nostalgia and creates the perfect cohesive gift.

To top it all off, we wrapped all of these gifts in three different types of wrapping paper featuring different versions of the sassy Duolingo Owl illustration. We stuffed the bag with these gift boxes, custom Duo green crinkle + tissue paper, and then slid the Weekender Bag into a custom dust bag with the Creator Day logo on it. We wouldn’t be Accént without all of these personalized touches.

Not only did the gift recipients love how thoughtful these gifts were, but Duolingo was also happy with the outcome! We saw our gifts as well as many other Duolingo branded gifts throughout the entirety of Creator Day all over social media. Safe to say it was all a big hit!

The Final Product

Accent's full word mark in white with the logo