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A dreamer, a go-getter, a creative, and a realist all connected by a single mission to redefine the corporate gifting world. Take a look below to learn more about how we came to be.

The Universal
Power of Gifting

2020 was unlike any other year. The pandemic changed the very fabric of our society and over time, we lost connection with one another. It started as just a physical loss - being relegated to our homes and unable to see one another. But, it soon became an emotional loss as a computer screen is a poor substitute to interacting in person.

This held true for the newly formed remote workforce. No more office lunches, team events, or in-person meetings to create a bond between employees. We had Zoom and our trusty mute button to get us through the day. Under these conditions, we noticed that companies were struggling to retain a sense of community and culture. They made virtual attempts, but nothing was as powerful as gifting.

Gifting is one of the best ways to rebuild those lost workplace connections. It's a universal experience; tearing through the wrapping paper, ripping open the box, and uncovering a thoughtful gift that represents everything you want, love, and enjoy. Gifting sparks a joy that is unmatched if you do it well. Thus, Accent was born to do just that!

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Employees appreciate gifts from their workplace, but only if it's meaningful to them! The key is to give your people what they want.
An Asian American and Pacific Islander gift box curated for Duolingo's AAPI 2021 Happy Hour

of employees reported they would stay at their jobs longer if they received a meaningful gift from their employer


of employees agree that receiving a meaningful gift makes them feel appreciated and valued


of employees want gifts sourced from small, minority-owned, and local businesses

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